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In the early morning darkness, all alone,
I wait for light.

With a couple of buses in motion, and an odd taxi on the road,
I sit by that wait for sun-rise,
I just wait for light.

Last night was darker than the darkest,
but some wise man told me to wait for the sunrise.
He said it makes one happy.
The whloe night i have been waiting, checking corners,
waiting for it to glow,
I just wait for light.

There were no spaces to rest,
nor was the will to,
with so many good stories about the sun,
I spend the whole night being awake,
i just wait for light.

They asked me to leave.
They asked me to sleep off.
They offered me money and coupons.
They were all active men of the dark.
But I, just wait for light.

It is so early that it is not even morning yet,
but I can feel it coming.
So dark, that you know that there can be light anytime.
I just wait for light.

The breeze was painfully cold last night,
but suddenly it feels good.
The skies had no indication of light the whole night,
but now, i see some shades of light.
I am te…

Johnny ‘Walk’-er!


I ask as I sit next to the lake…

The Terrible Ear ache and the Education system!

Mumbai Film Festival - 2012!

MAMI, as it was called till last year was changed to Mumbai Film Festival (Thanks to the change in the sponsors) and it was on. I went to the movie hall to find out more about it.

Before going to the hall I had heard that if have an AD's (Assistant Director's) Card, I would have to pay less. I reached the counter. So I saw the categories: Normal- 1400/- and IFTD (Indian Film and Tv directors) card: 1000/-. I was about to go for the 2nd option and I saw the third category ( Students- 800/- ) I saw this and I was happy. I took out my expired NID card and got entry.

The joy of a film festival apart from the films being screened is the fact that I could watch any 'n' number of films for 800 bucks. With that excitement I entered cine max.
And what was better was that the films were getting screened at the Gold class halls. So unlike the Osian's (Siri Fort, Delhi), there would be halls with a better sound and better chairs too!

The joy was amazing and indescribable. I g…

Mumbai diaries continue

So I am back to my blog. I don't know why or why not? I am just back!

So the stay at Mumbai has been getting better and the more accustomed I am to the city, there are new and interesting places I see.

There are slums, there are tall skyscrapers and then there are PEOPLE. The city is filled with people, and too many of them! The city is what it is just because of this gem which it has...ITS PEOPLE! People fighting, people competing, people getting lost, people smiling...they are everywhere. You cannot imagine a frame in Mumbai without it's gem...its people!

After staying in Jogeshwari for the last 6 months, I am moving to my new house in 4 bungalow (Andheri). Staying here alone is what is fun. I make coffee, I watch films, I sleep, I sketch,I read, I think, I write, I do anything, there are no schedules I follow according to the world, No time-tables I follow...I just need money to sustain a living. That's it. Why do i need more?
There's no need as such. I just need m…

Mbithec diaries

This is a write up which featured in MBICEM's newsletter (my graduation college). Mbithec was the theatre group we had there. Our group started it and it is still going strong. Here we go...

The sketch of questions

So when I sit back and go through the books and thoughts I was lost in, it is quite crazy! I happened to be stuck in situations which kept making me question the unquestionable!
Questioning someone is a good thing, but before you reach the stage of questioning, you nee to know the data really. You see, it is always nice to know the facts well. It won't help you win an argument or a debate, it just helps you grow.
When in Ahmedabad I came across this book called 'Debating Gandhi' which is quite an interesting read. It is a nice compilation by A. Raghuramaraju. It consists of essays by known scholars, Gandhians or anti-Gandhians. but nice read it is. There is a chapter called 'The assassination of Gandhi' which talks and questions the killing of Gandhi. Was killing him the ultimate thing? Raghuram Ghodse or nathuram Ghodse as we know him, was a very educated Hindu himself. Hailing from Pune, a konkanastha Brahman took up this job of killing the 'Father' of t…