Thursday, August 16, 2012

The 'enchanted' temple

That one day I prayed and prayed,
in the far off lands I know,
I saw that enchanted temple,
I just saw that enchanted temple.

I concentrated harder,
and the visuals became clearer,
of that pure enchanted temple,
so clear, so true.

I closed my eyes harder,
I breathed with so much ease,
I saw the enchanted temple,
with more clarity and honesty.

And then, passing through,
all the channels of concentration,
came Ma's voice,
"Harish, come for dinner..."

 And I opened my eyes, in shock,
I was back in my room,
with all the everyday things,
around me, above me.

I got up and left for food,
I sat down with Ma's and Pa's love,
tasty was the food, indeed,
but I just could not take out,
the visuals and the thoughts of,
the enchanted temple...

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