Mbithec diaries

This is a write up which featured in MBICEM's newsletter (my graduation college). Mbithec was the theatre group we had there. Our group started it and it is still going strong. Here we go...

Mbithec Diaries

“O re Chik chik, Chik o re sa…”
The theatre group from MBICEM had taken part in the Inter-college Street play competition in Dilli Haat. This was when we were in the old campus at Nizamuddin. The group realized in Dilli Haat that before doing a great play, they have to be a GROUP first. A theatre group anthem was necessary.
We had this breathing exercise where we would stand in a circle and say O re chik chik, chik or re saa. We composed, we sang it together and the journey started. We did not win at Dilli Haat, but Mbithec was born.
Mbithec was nothing else but MBicem Theatre Club.

“…Dekho humko, ayega maza…”
We had decided to meet four times every week at 8 am. We would come early and continue doing things which was more of fun and nothing else. We invented games and exercises and we kept having fun. None of us knew how theatre groups rehearse, but we would work very hard and in the process learn things. We started taking part in other college fests and we were winning.
Mbithec was shining.

“Saas manga, saas manga re…”
After three years of having fun and establishing the theatre group, we did not realize that we had created this culture called Mbithec. We were all very sad while passing out of MBICEM. But we were proud to know that our juniors continued with the tradition of ‘having fun’.
Wishing them all the luck.


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