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My struggles... My fights

My struggles... my Life It all started with the famous author's famous author's equally popular lines that when you want something to happen and believe in the event, every element in the universe conspires that it happens and it eventually happens. My story begins with the fact that I wanted to work in a feature film right after I finished my course at NID. So I did the same. I finished my course there and joined Anand Gandhi's'The Ship of Thesis' in Bombay and the big struggle began. I started working on the film, but at the same time, I also kept trying to work at AKFPL (Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt. ltd). I got a call soon for Shlok Sharma's film 'Haraamkhor', starring Nawazuddin Siddique. I got a chace to work with my favourite actor. The story was ready and on the editor's desk soon and things were happening too soon for me. I did not even get to know and Fukrey happened equally fast and I shot the making. Amidst all this, I got to be Dibakar Ba…

The Language

Puttur Diaries (Contd :3) There is a tamil - accented telugu every one is comfortable with and seems to be exploring the 'new language' and people are taking this language to newer levels. How could I stay behind, with my Telugu not aesome itself, but this language was definitely pulling me into its trap and the people were definitely helping me get lost in the huge trap thwy were throwing on me with the awesome 'Jhataak' Telugu fils one starring Allu arvind and one starring Sunil as the big stars and super cheap tickets compared to Delhi and Bombay and lots of stories for me :) As the language search continues my big search with the good road side food continues :)

The cheap coconuts and inexpensive cheap stuff

With the cute mother I have and the cheap coconuts we get at Puttur. You also get super cheap vegetables early in the morning, where all the farmers with stuff to sell to the market, sell it to us and disappear. So you need to go for a walk and while coming back you buy vegetables, all fresh and good. Also while coming back you stop at the road side food stalls who are constantly cooking idlis, dosas ,vadas and awesome filter coffees for you at prices which are awesomely. It is just that I had have Brain hemorrhage and I should not be having a lot of street food, but can't help it and it is good food. Oh Puttur. Paradise it is!

The Alavelamma visit

(The Puttur Diaries-3 Contd.) A recent visit to the age old temple of goddess Padmavathi was uncalled for. The temple is quite old with a Hindu story as old as the temple itself. They say that the place, Alavelamma is as old as the 'Devasthanam'/ the religious temple itself. The story goes that the God came, married one of his wives, took her with him to the big temple, but left the other wife here, at this temple. This temple is beautiful, with a town well-settled around the temple (Puttur) and has a population of its own. The God, who is believed to be a Roopam of Lord Vishnu himself, has been moving around the hills in the search of truth. This place has always been beautiful with people coming from areas around (Andhra and Tamil Nadu) in search of truth which is their own search. The place had a queue and a prasadam of its own, with many kids in their own worlds. I saw a lot of half naked kids in their parents' hands. This is what looked like a world of happiness t…

The whole whole 'Rural' film experience

It was a new experience for me at puttur, experience a film, which was definititely out of the world, compared to the multiplex one at Delhi or Bombay, compared to the smaller one here at Puttur, a much smaller hall, with a ticket which was super cheap and much lower in technicalities and other things. The film was also quite different to the ones at the ones at Delhi or Bombay or even at Hyderabad, or even the one at Tirupati for me. Not just the editing and the way it was shot but also the sound of the hall but also the toilets of the film, which definitely took me to a level which I can't write or talk about in this space. It definitely gave me space and opened me up to go back home and write more about my thoughts and gave me that big break which I needed from a long time. So, the hero (Allu Arjun) and the heroine (Shruti Hassan) definitely gave me the much desired space and the film gave me the much desired pakoda which my body needed and I went back home happy and satisfi…