Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Alavelamma visit

(The Puttur Diaries-3 Contd.) A recent visit to the age old temple of goddess Padmavathi was uncalled for. The temple is quite old with a Hindu story as old as the temple itself. They say that the place, Alavelamma is as old as the 'Devasthanam'/ the religious temple itself. The story goes that the God came, married one of his wives, took her with him to the big temple, but left the other wife here, at this temple. This temple is beautiful, with a town well-settled around the temple (Puttur) and has a population of its own. The God, who is believed to be a Roopam of Lord Vishnu himself, has been moving around the hills in the search of truth. This place has always been beautiful with people coming from areas around (Andhra and Tamil Nadu) in search of truth which is their own search. The place had a queue and a prasadam of its own, with many kids in their own worlds. I saw a lot of half naked kids in their parents' hands. This is what looked like a world of happiness to me, where you the real world in their eyes, so true, so honest. This was so honest that you could definitely see glimpses of God there, which you could not spot anywhere else. You could have any laddu anywhere else, but you could not have the same temple 'desi ghee 15-rupee temple laddu' The religion is no doubt a big question of faith and other things similar, but yes, you do get some answers when you come to a place as beautiful this. I continue with my explorations:).

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