Thursday, May 1, 2014

The whole whole 'Rural' film experience

It was a new experience for me at puttur, experience a film, which was definititely out of the world, compared to the multiplex one at Delhi or Bombay, compared to the smaller one here at Puttur, a much smaller hall, with a ticket which was super cheap and much lower in technicalities and other things. The film was also quite different to the ones at the ones at Delhi or Bombay or even at Hyderabad, or even the one at Tirupati for me. Not just the editing and the way it was shot but also the sound of the hall but also the toilets of the film, which definitely took me to a level which I can't write or talk about in this space. It definitely gave me space and opened me up to go back home and write more about my thoughts and gave me that big break which I needed from a long time. So, the hero (Allu Arjun) and the heroine (Shruti Hassan) definitely gave me the much desired space and the film gave me the much desired pakoda which my body needed and I went back home happy and satisfied :)

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