Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 'shift' phase!

So, now there is a new phase. The moment I had finished my diploma film, I had started working in Delhi. It was nice to come back to Delhi (especially in the winters!). I seriously had no idea about the 'industry' in Delhi. There were many things I saw and learnt in these last 7 months of working in Delhi. Now, the problem is that I am getting bored of this city.
And moreover, the kind of work I want to do happens in Mumbai. So, very recently I took this very important decision of SHIFTING to MUMBAI!  (As if there are people waiting for me in Mumbai to come and join their PROJECTS! Ha!)
As I try to figure out things for Mumbai (I prefer 'Mumbai' over 'Bombay'. You see 'Mumbai' sounds very raw, pretty much like the city!) I am in the process of wrapping up my work in Delhi. I have been burning the midnight oil to finish the edit of this documentary which I am making for an NGO. I'll be very honest...It's a BORING topic! But  you know, Work is WORSHIP and the CLIENT is GOD...

So, the week coming up is getting deadlines with it and (certainly) money, if I meet those deadlines. I guess, money good enough for me to begin in Mumbai.

After working so hard and so much in Delhi, I just hope and pray that I do not stay unemployed in Mumbai for long. The 'Struggle' begins...

(PS: The Indian Hockey team playing like champions in the Olympics Qualifier, defeating Singapore 15-something, Italy 8-1, France 6-2 and Canada 3-2! Yay...)

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