Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mumbai diaries continue

So I am back to my blog. I don't know why or why not? I am just back!

So the stay at Mumbai has been getting better and the more accustomed I am to the city, there are new and interesting places I see.

There are slums, there are tall skyscrapers and then there are PEOPLE. The city is filled with people, and too many of them! The city is what it is just because of this gem which it has...ITS PEOPLE! People fighting, people competing, people getting lost, people smiling...they are everywhere. You cannot imagine a frame in Mumbai without it's gem...its people!

After staying in Jogeshwari for the last 6 months, I am moving to my new house in 4 bungalow (Andheri). Staying here alone is what is fun. I make coffee, I watch films, I sleep, I sketch,I read, I think, I write, I do anything, there are no schedules I follow according to the world, No time-tables I follow...I just need money to sustain a living. That's it. Why do i need more?
There's no need as such. I just need money to pay my rent and continue cheap traveling.

I am presently reading Gandhi's autobiography 'My experiments with truth'. He keeps telling us how he garnered and learnt new things during his stay in England. He was just 19 and he would take long walks just to find a vegetarian restaurant, or may be just anying. Actually, just to save money and still enjoy life. This is so inspiring. And I feel so awesome that I am in a similar state of a similar state of living. When there are no demands and no expectations, whatever you get, is good!

Work is going fine but what I am happy is the fact that I am LIVING the way I had imagined to live once...just a happy free soul. There are meetings I attend and there is work that do, but its all my decision, my choice!

The upcoming month is full of happenings. I travel to Udaipur for shooting a 2-day documentary on RTI and democracy. I come back to Mumbai and leave for delhi to shoot the making of a Hindi feature film produced by Excel Entertainment. I am also writing a new play which is growing on its own, just left it to grow :)
 Lots of hard work but, I am surely excited.

Cheers :)


Sambit Kumar Pradhan said...

Make the most of this phase my friend! :)

kshatriya harish singh said...

Thanks Sambit :)


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