Wednesday, February 13, 2013


February 2013, Jungpura, Delhi.

This is the weather I have always loved about Delhi. The February sun is like the best thing you could ever get. It is comfortably cold and I am very happy that it is COLD. I had missed the cold ever since I moved to my days n Ahmedabad and Mumbai. So I am back!

The one year spent at Mumbai has been quite rewarding in terms of work experience. I just want to be free now. What is freedom? How do u define it?

Freedom is defined as being able to do anything anytime, irrespective of the timing, or the place where you are. That I believe, is freedom!

I wanted a change of space, which I have. Will (hopefully) get a nice place to stay. And I want to write and keep writing...

"In this nice and lazy weather, with sleepy eyes, 
I write and get lost.
 From the lost world, i hear sounds of Delhi I have lived in. 
It is the same city which has survived ages and still stands upright
with all the walls and the gates. 
As I write, I wonder what is right or what is wrong with this city 
that it keeps going on the way it has been for centuries. 
Some like it, some don't.
Some love it, but it goes on, full of arrogance 
with the February sun. it goes on 

In this nice and lazy weather,, with sleepy eyes,
I write and get lost"

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