Thursday, April 17, 2014

Puthur Diaries (Contd)- The Schedule

So, my schedule here is quite different was in Delhi or Mumbao or Hyderabad or in any other town I was living in. It is so little that you have just time and nothing else to think and rethink to think about schedules and nothing. I know it gets boring at times. The problem here is that there is no power when you want to work, with frequent power cuts and I have to get down to ways of writing on my diaries and note pads, which is nice and warm for me, and I always thought that is how I always was, right from the ground and not the other way round :) So one thing which I have learnt here is to make chai for myself, which is like a huge accomplishment for me, as now i don't depend on any one for chai, but I won't mind one anyone doing it for me. So I make one for myself and that also gives me a motive to get up early listening to the zaan, make chai and in the process begin writing or may be just thinking. If that ways I look at life, I feel it is so much more fun than the way we have made it. Isn't it? After I have not-so bad chai, I go for a walk, to the nearby degree college grounds (Puttur Degree college), where I meet smiling facing faces and while coming back, I get milk. What is also nice for a small village is that almost every one knows every one and all the men smile when they look at you. Very inspiring it gets and you continue to write. The place has very limited access to internet, and I am currently sitting at one of those. I like the owner here, and I guess he likes me too. He took me to his house in a nearby village (KBR puram), and I loved his family there. They made a good lunch for me (with awesome veg and non-veg food). I ended up making this short film and he is happy ( after this, i was left with questions in my mind, so i ended up making this film too. We are good friends and I am exploring good food there, which is very close to the famous temple town of Tirupati (just 40 minutes), nd I am looking forward to good food I have heard of there and most probably, another film with my parents. Let us see :)

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