Saturday, August 4, 2012

That photograph...

(I wrote this poem in my hospital room . I was lying down with me sitting under this random picture in my hospital room, which had a couple walking away from the camera. was raining! :)

That photograph on my wall,
right above the bed,
it had so many untold stories,
so many of them.

That young couple,
walking away from the camera,
with hand in hand,
had so many things to tell me,
but more importantly,
it had so many things to tell each other.

What if I knew the girl,
or the boy,
or anyone,
but they never turned!
What if...?

I had so many questions,
so many doubts to clear,
but none of them turned,
none of them.

It was just a plain photograph on my wall,
right above my bed,
with so many untold stories...

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