Monday, August 20, 2012

Time at NID

I had just reached NID and what I saw was a broken main gate. Yes, there were things going on with respect to increasing the main road area which was in turn cut down on the 'chai-gate' and the main gate area. But this is how it looked now, may be it would change once it's done.

I took my bag and I walked in. So, this is the first trip I have made to NID where I have no work. Literally no work at all. So, why was I in NID then. The plan was simple- to meet Saheb to do some research on the documentary I am planning to work on in the next 6 months; to get the DVD covers of my dip film ready and consult Reuben (a friend) for the design, to meet Pravin and talk of a new project in Ahmedabad. As I had just figured this list of what to do in the city, I was in the city.

But as I take a walk across my campus, there are things changing. There  are innumerable new faces whom I do not know as of now, there are structural changes happening in the campus which make it look different, and there are none of batch mates around. So, as i got bored and lonely over the day I saw what all had changed over a period of 4 months. This NID is very different from the NID I knew back then. But it's OK, may be it's different till I know these people. Once I know them, it will be my NID.

So, by the evening I met a batchmate of mine and got to know that many of my batchmates will be on campus in a couple of days. They would be here to submit their final projects. Relief it was!

So, at the end it's all about the people. I look for familiar faces in a crowd. I might find them soon, or may be I'll just befriend people from the crowd and there'll be a new group of faces whom I can call friends.

I get a meeting fixed with Saheb to talk to him, I message and get an appointment with Pravin Mishra too and meanwhile, the main-gate breaking and re-making continues... :)

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Anonymous said...

Are you in Ahmedabad now?


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