Monday, May 12, 2014

My struggles... My fights

My struggles... my Life It all started with the famous author's famous author's equally popular lines that when you want something to happen and believe in the event, every element in the universe conspires that it happens and it eventually happens. My story begins with the fact that I wanted to work in a feature film right after I finished my course at NID. So I did the same. I finished my course there and joined Anand Gandhi's'The Ship of Thesis' in Bombay and the big struggle began. I started working on the film, but at the same time, I also kept trying to work at AKFPL (Anurag Kashyap Films Pvt. ltd). I got a call soon for Shlok Sharma's film 'Haraamkhor', starring Nawazuddin Siddique. I got a chace to work with my favourite actor. The story was ready and on the editor's desk soon and things were happening too soon for me. I did not even get to know and Fukrey happened equally fast and I shot the making. Amidst all this, I got to be Dibakar Bannerjee's (one of my favourite directors of the present lot) director's assistant for his next film 'bombay Talkies', and I got to work with Nawaz sir again. It was after all this that I realised that I need to get back to theatre and start my theatre group. So I eventually shifted to Delhi and started with 'Kamaan', and this too is happening very fast for me. God sent me to Banaras for a workshop, where I was super active with the kids, and I got my first set of fits there and doubts about hemorrhage there and was in AIIMS soon after this. We did 'Dustbin' after this and had a nice set of shows in Delhi and NID and the group was visibly happy. We got a client for our first set of performances in Rajasthan and travelled there. But the doctor made sure that I was admitted to the Neuron-surgery ward and the big treatment began. All this was happening and I shifted to my present house in West Delhi in Subhash Nagar happily with Tushar. Meanwhile, I shifted my base from Bombay to Delhi and I could see that things were changing for me, and I could see that all happening right in front of my eyes with my parents being an active part of the whole process acting as elements conspiring to make the process active. I am presently in Puttur very active, working again on things I want to do (my next play 'Naamen-Clature' and my next set of plays on HIV-Aids which Kamaan is doing and on Near-miss cases in Pant Nagar and the air-fare to Orissa.) I know this is not very normal that you look at your own life and get inspired, or maybe this is showing off, but it does push you and inspire you, for sure. I am also itching to get back to films and My-crow thinking and I am sure I will get back soon. There is no over-confidence in this, but I am happy that there is confidence, for sure. Right now, shooting in Puttur. On the 10th of June, I am back to Delhi and for sure, back to life. For sure!

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