Saturday, November 23, 2019

The search of an artist...

11:25 am, Mumbai

The artist lived his life, learning and exploring his art form. He learnt them thoroughly, living in different areas. He travelled across various cultures and met different people.
In this process of 'Teaching', he learnt and unlearnt a lot.
He also realised that there are some parts of the art which he was not good at, and some he should specialise more in.

Through his travels, he came across different mentalities and different ideologies. He, in the process, he explored more art-forms. He realised that the journey had been making him a better observer of the art-form by different artists on earth.

He realised that LIFE is a tremendous art-form itself. How can a whole machine survive just by breathing-in simple air. Miracle it was! Lucky the people were, who did not even know the working of their bodies .

Our artist also realised that he had to learn the art of watching smiles around him. Beautiful the world was. When he did not see people smiling, he just spoke to randomly and the magic happened. They smiled. Magical it was. It was making a whole machine happy!

He did not have to make anything to make people happier, but he just wanted to explore more people and systems to 'WATCH' the happiness. He continued travelling with the joy of being alone. He realised that he was happy with a good job, and not too many 'wishes' in his life.

The artist was watching documentaries and films which gave him happiness in life. He continued walking.
He had started getting the answers of questions he had asked himself, in this simple process called MEDITATION. Many people would ask him "What is the need of meditation?"
He realised that  he had no answers for that. Some things are best said, being unsaid.

The artist needs to leave... :)

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Exploring my 'Vipassana'!

10:04 am, Mumbai

As I sit on my bed, I realise that I have not been talking to many people. I like this experience.
I have stopped using my phone (for calling) and I have been liking this phase.
I have also disconnected my facebook account, and luckily I have not gone back to it.
And the best part of this period is that I have been trying to find myself.

I just realised yesterday, that this is very similar to being a part of a very famous course called, 'VIPASSANA'.

Is this my discovery of myself? Is this my  Vipassana? I have no answers.
I am just silently listening all the suggestions coming my way, and doing what my heart or mind say.

I have always taught in my theatre sessions 'MEDITATION', with special focus on 'Breathing'...and interestingly, I have got more into it. I am actually getting clear answers about my existence.
I have still not figured out everything, but the search is on.

Another feature of this phase is that I have started taking long walks, giving me space to talk to myself. I have zeroed in on people I talk to. This is teaching me a lot about my life.

I need to understanding the basic idea of voice, that 'my' voice is priceless and I should not utter it everywhere.
My words should have 'Value' and no NONSENSE! I don't need to advocate it when strangers make fun of it.
"Let them breathe happy, too!"

As someone great said,
"Thinking simple is a complex art"
Have a great day.
See you soon with more thoughts :)

Friday, November 1, 2019


The faces I see here,
are similar to the ones I saw miles away.
Similar expressions, similar questions,
similar love.
I just wonder why do they fight between 'Here' and 'There'.
I just wonder!

- KHS, November'19

Saturday, September 28, 2019


I jumped up, and I broke my knee.
I jumped up, I fell on the puddle.
I jumped up, and I fought for my rights.
I jumped up, and I changed my city.
I jumped up, and I jumped careers.
I jumped up, and I was trying to touch the stars.
I jumped up, and I questioned things,
I jumped up, and I realised,
that I can jump!
I can JUMP...
Sept-19, Mumbai

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Exploration at it's best!

NID Kurukshetra
12:50 pm,

I have some time from my lecture and I have announce a Chai-break.

Time is definitely the best teacher.I have been moving through time and space in the last two-three weeks and it is super exciting.
It has been drastic, as I have been moving from meeting an old friend in a big city to writing a film script in my lonely room, listening to the heavy rain outside, to celebrating an age-old festival/pooja with parents to teaching  and learning at a university.

This is a journey I would love to choreograph, but it is just happening on its own. And that is the best part part!
I am in that university and I realized that I still have a week to learn and teach here. I am blindly taking all the work coming my way and that is the best part for me. I have been travelling from Mumbai to Delhi to Kurukshetra to Chandigarh and all this happened in a matter of the last 4-5 days.

In the process, I have been meeting my exceptional friends, who have been extra supportive. But in the process, I have been making new friends too, which is exceptionally new for me. I am getting to see a face about me, which I never knew existed.
I am also trying to explore new avenues for my work, which I never knew existed. but the best or the worst part is the fact that there is so much of work, which is incomplete. I love this fact that even after working so hard, I have work left.
This tells me that I should not waste my time, but then, I should travel through the challenging time-chains which I am wrapped with.

So, I leave back to my lecture. I am definitely loving the challenge.

Thursday, July 18, 2019


In an effort to fly higher in the sky,
little did the crow realise that it is going farther than the ground!

Friday, July 5, 2019


5th July'19, Mumbai.

The Journey has been an amazing one.
The fun-journey had started long ago when as a 17 year old, with an 'Engineering' seat and a 'Dental' seat, I took this interesting decision to follow my heart. The families then, were pretty new to this idea. I had very few reference points as I had no role models for myself, who had come from my level.
I guess that was the beginning and I loved the road I took. A road less travelled, a road which gave me interesting challenges and somewhere midway, I fell in love with the whole idea of challenges!

Today about a decade later I stand here, fully in love with the whole idea of challenges.
After writing and directing theatre (Viz. Kamaan), after writing a book ('Gokul')... after taking numerous road journeys, I am back to the city which triggered the creativity in me.

After my first brief stint with the city,  the lovely journey enters its second phase and I am all set, dreaming the impossible.
Here we go...

The search of an artist...

11:25 am, Mumbai The artist lived his life, learning and exploring his art form. He learnt them thoroughly, living in different areas. He...