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Monday, February 19, 2018

The fight with time and there was Leisure!

I have been very busy in the last few days. I was enjoying it too. I was preparing for a play to be staged in New Delhi on the 23rd. I had written the play, and I was busy teaching the dialect to the students and the major part was directing it. I was struggling to meet the self-created deadlines. But when you do that, you end up working faster and hence, you become stricter with your work. You start worshiping your work. I had suddenly been strict with my students and Kamaan for 'DRAMA JANTAR KA!' too.
I was fighting time

Yes, Last week, at the same time, I had got a film project from a reference. Amidst all the chaos of the play, an organisation approached me to make a film on their patients, who were suffering from Dementia. I always had a special corner for people with mental disorders ( I have one too!). I could not say NO. It is just that they needed to finish the film in just a week.
I said yes to them and started meeting and looking at the patients as a viewer. I would scribble down notes and ask a lot of questions to the staff. I was learning. So many things were going inside my brain. I was loving it too. And yes, I was fighting time again.

Learning? I teach in a communication college. I teach the Post graduation students film editing and sound. Amidst the play and the film, I had to write a question paper for the students and send it to the college. I love teaching. I sent the question paper and I got 40 papers to check. This was good again, but I put a 'dead-line' for myself. When you don't have a boss, there is no off for yourself. It's fun, but you can't cheat yourself!

There is no one to keep a check on you, but you yourself realise how much time you have wasted in stupid things.
Here comes, the idea of 'Self-created Deadlines'. Again, I was fighting time.

But midway, I got a call from a distant junior from NID. She works in Central India as a documentary film-maker. She is making a film on forest fires. A big disaster, both for the planet and for my schedule. I feel for both! She, very politely said that she thinks my voice would work perfect for the film. She sent me a Hindi poem and it was amazing. The poem moved me and I on intuition said, "Fine, I will do it!". She asked me to take my time and record and send the recording on Whatsapp. I sent it and after two days, she said that the team likes my recitation. They asked me to do it. Again, I was fighting time, and now I was enjoying it!

Then came the weekend, where I am super busy with the rehearsal. I get lost in it. The rehearsals drain you out, but that's the fun part.

All tired, I came back home, finished the fifth draft of the film. I was getting inputs from my team on how can the film be better. I was also reworking on the script as I was getting to know the patients more. So every night I would go back sad and work on it and every morning, I would check the test-papers, go to the staff, show them the film and rush to the rehearsal.

So, all of a sudden, on Sunday evening, I had done good run-throughs or rehearsals of the play, finished and submitted the fifth draft of the film, recorded my voice-over of the poem and tired, I had gone off to sleep!

I woke up on Monday and I had no work. Unbelievable! I could not believe it. I could not digest leisure. I thought I should sit down and blog it.

This Friday...we have this play...

The lovely fight with time continues and I am loving it. All set for the play. I will be back after the play :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The re-union after ages!

I was working on my play's direction and I got a message on my phone to meet up. It was not a wedding, not a function. It was plainly a 'REUNION' and I liked that fact. I love it when we meet for a reason and not mix it with another meeting. It sounds a bit idealistic, but it's fun not to mix meetings and cover a lot of things.
I don't believe in the idea of a 'World tour', where you just go to a monument, just touch it and come back. I would like to read about any place and then see it thoroughly. Similarly, I don't like mixing meetings. I love it when I go there for only one reason, TO MEET. This might be one of the reasons that I sub-consciously hate weddings. I am sorry to all my close friends whose weddings I have missed in the last few years. I always prefer meeting in a somewhat 'isolated' reunion and talk about MEMORIES. I love that journey to the past.

So after my tiring rehearsal, I left for the 'RE-UNION'. I was early and I was just praying that there should be people, and very soon there were.
That laughter has no meaning attached to it. It is absolutely 'enjoying' the past, where you are sitting with the people on chai/coffee/ anything. I loved this re-union, where we had met. Half of us were married and a lot had happened in our lives. People were engineers, doctors, PhD scholars or nothing like me but the meeting was amazing and I would love to cherish every bit of this meeting and it seemed that time had just slipped away.

Mind you, we laughed our hearts out with our 'school mates' :)

Sunday, December 10, 2017



I wrote them randomly,
the dictator called them 'Sense-less'.

I wrote them in a rhyme.
the dictator called it a 'Stupid song'.

I kept writing them effortlessly,
times changed, the dictator changed.

The first part was called a STORY,
and the second, a POEM.

I realised that it was not the dictator's fault,
just my doubts on myself!

Dictators will come and go,
but I should not stop writing.
People will like it or not.
I should not stop expressing.
I should keep on 'PLAYING' with words,
A lovely game.

Isn't it?

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The 'BREAK' journey...

It was a humid evening in Delhi. As I was working on my desk, I got a Whats-app message from a cousin, who does not message me often, but she does it more than any other cousin. She stays in Colorado with her husband, but had come to India for some work.

She told me that they were laughing with her elder sister were talking about me and laughing out loud thinking of my 'STUPID JOKES'. Age-wise, I fall in between both of them and somehow, but our frequencies match as if we were the same age.

Again, we don't meet often, but whenever we meet, we talk as if we had met yesterday. I smiled as I read the whats-App message, that there is someone in the world thinking about me.
I asked the younger one (the Colorado resident), till when is she in India. She said the date and she said, "...if you are not busy, please come!". This was good enough for me to plan for Hyderabad and meet them.
I had somehow finished my projects and I was on a break. It happened so fast that I got my train ticket reserved, and I was packing for the BREAK trip to Hyderabad.
Another cousin had also planned to visit Hyderabad from Bangalore, and I would be meeting my gentlemen nephews. They are very young in age but we have fun and we also talk about the whole world news. And then there would be Tuffy, the pet dog at my uncle's place, who is absolutely AMAZING to be with!

I also had to shoot a part of my documentary 'ME?' and I had not interviewed this lot. So we ate a lot of amazing Biryani, brilliant street food, had lots of long chats, wasting time deliberately.
The second cousin of the first two, is married in a Bangla family, got amazing sweets from there and lots of interesting stories of Durga Puja.

I returned yesterday and it is brilliant that we have work which keeps us busy and makes us forget the fun we had in the trip. Will start with KAMAAN's new street play, "KITNA INSAAN, KITNA VIGYAN", on World Science day. Have to edit a trailer of the documentary with the new faces and interviews. Have to write GOKUL-II. And most importantly, I have to assemble poor kids and teach them coaching classes in the evening, for FREE.

So, this short trip has refreshed me and I am all set for the future projects. Not to forget, with my intelligent nephews I came up with a new quiz called 'KAUN BANEGA KISKA-PATI!'

The fun should never stop.

Monday, September 11, 2017

What do you do?

I write
I write street plays, I write stage-plays, I write poems, I write songs, I write stories, I write films, I write book (s), I just write.
It is fun to write. No one (at least in India) knows that it can be a profession to be just a writer.
I am enjoying being a writer and I am loving it.
And the best part...I am trying to earn from my writings!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


It was a tough decision, or may be I thought so it was! But now, when I look at it, we are so connected now that we should make sure that none of our 'CONNECTIONS' should become an addiction. Though I had left Facebook a couple of times earlier, but that was more like a kiddish abandonment.
This time, I realised that I have so much of work around, do I really need to be so public? Probably not! I will have Kamaan's website soon, and a play coming up too.
I am loving the process of 'Getting to know myself' more.
I am not stopping poetry. I will be writing more more stuff here. May be it would be more frequent now.
I see myself free now!

Good wishes to Mr. Zuckerberg :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Might be...

"You might be a genius for some,
and a fool for the rest.
Just be thankful to your admirers,
and grin for the fools!"
- KHS, April'17